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Life is Worth Living Well!

So, I received a notification for a particular social media platform (I won’t say which one, but their name sounds like space-hook). They wanted to remind me that because we only have 29th February every 4 years that I should … Continue reading

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If you need Renewing, Refreshing and Recharging then Read on

Originally posted on Honest about my faith:
Do you ever feel tired and drained by life? I have been feeling more tired than usual recently and I woke up this morning with these words in my head: The faithful love…

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A Toy Shop wants me to Dress Up!

I received an e-mail from a well known toy shop encouraging me to ‘dress up as my favourite character for World Book Day’. As I read the e-mail I thought about how strange it was that they seem to be saying that they … Continue reading

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The One About the White Stone

It’s amazing how easily we forget things that are really important! Yesterday, I was given a white stone and it reminded me of something important that had helped and challenged me a few months ago. I have been away at the excellent EBA Ministers … Continue reading

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Before you go …

So, I’m away at a conference this week and on Monday morning before I left my daughter ran up to me and said, ‘Dad, before you go ..’. Can you guess what she said next? ‘I want you to know I … Continue reading

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The Piece of Christ is You!

So, I went to a communion service last night and we were encouraged to say to one another, ‘The Piece of Christ is you’ To which the other person responded ‘And also is you’ We had just been reminded that we … Continue reading

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We are all Amazing in Different Ways

So, Elijah confronted the King and Obadiah hid people who were in danger. Both of them served God in different ways and that is okay. We were looking at 1 Kings 18 yesterday at church and as I listened to the … Continue reading

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The one Without the Nettle and Grass Smoothie

Originally posted on Honest about my faith:
Chocolate fountains are great with all that none stop chocolate being pumped out. The only thing sad about chocolate fountains is that often you are given fruit to dip into them and that leaves…

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Sticking Pins in the Cross: A Creative Prayer Activity

This simple activity explores the meaning of the cross and why Jesus died. At a family event last Easter, we stuck a paper cross on a pin-board and wrote some random negative things on to it. We invited the people taking … Continue reading

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Am I helping to build Christ’s Church or my Church?

So, Jesus said, ‘I will build my church’ (Matthew 16.18) I’ve been thinking about this and it got me thinking about whether it is my priority to build my church or Jesus’ church? Do I care more about getting as many people … Continue reading

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