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The Numerous Health and Safety Breaches in the Crossing of the Jordan River

If the crossing of the Jordan river happened today, perhaps someone would write a letter like this one: Dear Sirs, I am writing to report a serious health and safety breach and I recommend that immediate action is taken against … Continue reading

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The Reason Why Our Christmas Tree is Still Up

Tracey suggested that we keep our Christmas tree up for the whole year as a reminder that Jesus is the light of the world. We are also going to write answers to prayer or things that God has done and … Continue reading

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While There is Light we have a Chance

I loved watching the latest Star Wars film. I enjoyed the action and the humour but what struck me the most was the line: While there is light we still have a chance. In case you still haven’t seen it, … Continue reading

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The One Where I Was Called a Lady!

Earlier today, someone called me a lady which might have been quite flattering if I was actually female. I was attending a support group (yes, you had always suspected that I needed help didn’t you) in which everyone was female apart from … Continue reading

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Joel: Turn Around When Possible (The Minor Prophets Part 1)

This is the first of a series on minor prophets (the last 12 books of the Old Testament). There was a national emergency, a plague of locusts had devastated the land, there was a food shortage and this was a … Continue reading

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Back to life, back to reality

Originally posted on Honest about my faith:
Lots of us are returning to normal life after a Christmas spent having fun, relaxing and eating too much. That first day back at work after a holiday can be a killer and it’s all…

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This Room is Amazing! or The One About Enthusiasm For Life

My daughter wrote a note for the staff at a hotel that we stayed in recently. It said, ‘This room is AMAZING’. I would have loved to have seen the face of the person who came to clean the room when they … Continue reading

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The One About Popcorn and Missing The Point

So, I took my daughter to the cinema and around 20 minutes into the film a family arrived. I started thinking about how sad it was that they had missed the start of the film and then I noticed that they were … Continue reading

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