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The One About Insecure Wi-fi

I logged into some WI-FI while I was away recently and I got an error message on my laptop saying that the ‘WI-FI was insecure’. My understanding is that my antivirus software was trying to warn me that anything that … Continue reading

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The Power of Good Communication

A few days ago I wrote about the power of chocolate; how chocolate had motivated my girls to get ready for school on time. Since then we have come up with a much better way to encourage our children to get … Continue reading

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Did you hear about the pack of ham that was labelled as containing 110% pork? It’s quite funny, but according to Aldi, who were selling the ham, the % sign should have said grams next to it. Image source: Imgur … Continue reading

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You’re the only one who tells me I have done good

I was speaking today to someone who works in schools as a mentor. One of the students who she is working with had said to her, ‘you’re the only one who tells me I have done good’. It is so tragic … Continue reading

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The One About Sleeping Peacefully

Have you ever thought about how daft the phrase sleeping like a baby is? Babies do sleep peacefully at times, but they are also helpless. If they have a wet or dirty nappy, they have been sick or they feel unwell … Continue reading

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The One About the Power of Chocolate

My girls both enjoy going to school but it can be hard to motivate them in the morning to get their shoes and coats on and to brush their hair ready to go out on time. Yesterday, though was different. There … Continue reading

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It’s Nice to Feel Appreciated

A few days ago, one of the church members here at Orchard Baptist posted this on our church Facebook page: ‘5 years today since our pastor Graeme Ross was inducted, just want to say how blessed we have been since you and your … Continue reading

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The One About Bringing People to God

At church today we were thinking about bringing people to God and we used this simple activity to pray for people in a creative way. Everyone was given two connected paper people, one represented them and the other one represented … Continue reading

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The One About Shopping and Stereotypes

As I was in a shop earlier today I heard a woman complaining to the man that she was with that they had taken too longs shopping. Initially, I found this really funny but then I found it really sad that I … Continue reading

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The One About Blue Flashing Lights

I heard the siren before spotting the blue flashing lights behind me, the cars on the road all began to pull to the side and the ambulance sped past. In that moment, the ambulance crew were doing something more urgent … Continue reading

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