Why do people think that angels have wings?

At this time of the year, lots of us have seen or will see nativity plays. Did the angels have wings? If so, where does the idea that they have wings come from in the Bible?

Honest about my faith

Do you think that angels have wings? If you do, why do you believe that? Is it what the Bible says?

In Genesis 18, Abraham is visited by 3 men and it turns out one of them is God (most of us would assume this is Jesus) and then in Genesis 19.1 it is revealed that the two men are angels.

Joshua met the commander of the Lord’s armies (Joshua 5.13-15) and as he approached him, the Bible says that he looked like a man.

Gideon talked to a man and he only realized it was the angel of the Lord when he disappeared (Judges 6.22).

Nowhere does anyone say in these or in any of other Bible passages that describe angels ‘oooh, what big wings you have’.

Angels are sometimes mistaken for men which means that they look like, err, men.

angel  google searchThis picture shows the top 20 Google images in a search…

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