Have you heard of Terah?

abram Terah mapA long time ago in a land far, far away, a man called Terah decided that he wanted to escape to the country. He decided to leave the city of Ur (if you lived in a place called Ur, you might want to move as well) and to head for the land of Canaan in the west.

He couldn’t take the direct route because of the desert that was in the way and so he set off north west along the trade routes.

He was headed to Canaan, but when he arrived at Haran he settled there instead.

Haran was a city like Ur and perhaps the home comforts and familiarities enticed him to stay.

We can’t be certain what the precise reasons for his settling were, but we do know that he never reached the place that he had set out for and ultimately he died in Haran.

Have you heard of Terah?

Perhaps you have heard of his son Abram who God later called Abraham?

God called Abram to travel to Canaan and Abram obeyed and the rest is history (read about it in the Bible starting at Genesis 11 v31).

Often we choose to play it safe, rather than to take risks.

What are we really living for and will we take risks to achieve it?

One of the big differences in the story of Terah and Abram is the presence of God. When you read the Bible it feels like Terah had a bright idea and gave up on it in contrast to Abram who was called by God who led and went with him each step of the way.

You can read more about what it means to be led by the God who is with us in my story about a blind trail.

What does God want us to live for? Will we trust in him  and take risks to achieve it?

Do we want to be like Terah or Abram?

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Hi, my name is Graeme and I’m married to a very patient wife. We have 4 children, 2 rabbits, a terrapin (and not a lot of peace and quiet!). I’m a Regional Minister for the Eastern Baptist Association in the UK (the views expressed in this blog are my own) and I am especially interested in making Church accessible to people who have no church background and also in how we disciple people in order to equip them to live out their faith in the 21st Century.
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