The one where I forgot my coat

rain on windowOkay, so here’s another embarrassing story.

I was headed to a meeting where I was giving a presentation on the mission strategy of the Eastern Baptist Association.

As I was around 10 minutes from the town the meeting was in, it started to rain. I don’t mean it drizzled a bit, it actually started hammering down. It was at this point that I realized that I had forgotten my coat and that the nearest parking was a 5 minute walk from the venue.

Ironic, huh. The guy who is about to give a presentation on strategy can’t even remember his coat on a day when it’s forecast to rain.

A few things occurred to me about this:

1. Sometimes we need to stop and laugh at ourselves. We can take ourselves much too seriously.

2. No one is perfect and we shouldn’t try to pretend that we are.

3. I was presenting a strategy for how I believe that God wants us to be at work. I believe that we have the privilege of joining God in his work and when you partner with someone who is perfect then actually it means that you can be hopeless and it would still be okay. We need to be more dependent on God, bringing our best, but realizing that trusting in him is the key.

The presentation went well and thankfully I remained dry as I sat in the car for 20 minutes while the rain blew over.

If you would like to read more about this then you can look at my post on what it means to partner and work with Jesus.

About honestaboutmyfaith

Hi, my name is Graeme and I’m married to a very patient wife. We have 4 children, 2 rabbits, a terrapin (and not a lot of peace and quiet!). I’m a Regional Minister for the Eastern Baptist Association in the UK (the views expressed in this blog are my own) and I am especially interested in making Church accessible to people who have no church background and also in how we disciple people in order to equip them to live out their faith in the 21st Century.
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