Film clips for use in Fathers Day services and sermons: God is our Father

These ideas can be used in Fathers Day services or at any other time when you want to focus on and think about God being our Father.

Film Clip: Finding Nemo – Your father is searching for you

Nemo and his Father have become separated and I love the way in this clip that Nemo is overwhelmed as he learns that his Father is searching for him. God the Father never gives up on us, he pursues us and longs for us to be in relationship with him.

Film Clip: Blood diamond – You are not a bad boy (Not suitable for children)

A father has been searching for his son who was kidnapped and forced to become a child soldier. In this clip towards the end of the film, the father has just rescued his son but then the son begins to behave in an unexpected way. I love these two quotes:

‘I know they made you do bad things but you are not a bad boy’

‘I am your father who loves you and you will come home with me and be my son again.’

Film Clip: Iron Man 2 – My greatest creation is you

Tony (he is Iron Man) is dying and in this clip he has been looking through some old films that his Father made to try and find a cure. It’s late and Tony has pretty much given up when he hears his father father say that his greatest creation is not any of his scientific accomplishments but rather ‘what is and always will be my greatest creation is you’.

Film Clip: After Earth – I am with you always

A father and son crash land on a planet. The dad is injured and so he has to send his son into a hostile world to accomplish a dangerous mission. Through technology, the father is effectively with his son in the world, he can see him and all around him and they are in constant communication. In this clip we see the consequence of the son not listening to his father’s guidance.

Film Clip: Peabody and Sherman – All about my dad

Listen to the way that Sherman talks about his dad. How enthusiastic are we about God? More thoughts on this clip here.

TV Clip: The Voice UK – The father cheers us on

In this clip from the Voice, we can see a Father’s reaction to his daughter’s performance. God roots for us and cheers us on. At Jesus’ baptism he says ‘this is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased’.

TV Clip: Derek Redmond – God with us in our pain (You raise me up)

Derek Redmond was running a race and he breaks down but his Father helps him across the finishing line. (This clip can only be watched in YouTube so you will have to click the play button and then the watch on YouTube link)

Clip: Fatherless to Fatherfull

Nice intro to a Father’s day service that reminds us that we are adopted into God’s family.

Film Clip: Click – What is the most important thing?

A father fails to acknowledge his Father but through the wonders of a magical remote control he is enable to rewatch what happened where he can clearly see what a fool he was. The most important thing in life is to acknowledge and spend time with God our Father.

There are many more clips, but hopefully these will get you thinking. Despicable me for example is a interesting reflection on being a Father.

The Fathers Song

This is a nice reflection of God’s love.

This is another example of the type of creative communication that can be used in church.

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