The Easter Story: Daily Reflections

Happy-Easter-HD-Wallpaper-2015During Holy week (the week leading up to Easter Sunday) we especially remember the days leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

I have written two different set of reflections. The first looks at the events of Holy Week in order asking what was going on at each one. The second considers questions and thoughts that arise out of the Easter story that challenge and encourage me. I have also included some other thoughts, resources and ideas for Easter.

The Events of Holy Week: ‘What was going on?’

You may already know about the events that took place, but have you ever wondered what was really going on? What were all these things really about?

You can read through all of these together or you can use them on each day during Holy week as a series of reflections.

Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday: What was that all about?

Monday: Trashing the Temple Courts: What was that all about?

Tuesday: Trying to Trip Jesus up: What was that all about?

Wednesday: A Meal to Remember: What was that all about?

Thursday: From Terror to Trial: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Good Friday: Jesus died on the Cross, so why do we call it Good Friday?

Saturday: Easter Saturday: Did it feel to the disciples like Jesus and God had failed?

Easter Sunday: Easter Sunday: I’ll be back!

There are also these second set of Blog posts

Easter Reflections: How the Easter Story can challenge us

The things Jesus went through in the days leading up to his death and resurrection are really thought provoking and challenging for us in how we live.

Palm Sunday: Will we give our best to Jesus?: A Thought for Palm Sunday

Monday: Would we like Jesus to give us what we Want or what we Need?

Tuesday: Is Jesus Angry with Your Church?

Wednesday: Is Jesus more like a Lion or a Lamb?

Thursday: Pushing through the Pain Barrier

Friday: Jesus died to make it possible for Enemies of God to become his Friends

Saturday: Don’t forget in the Dark what you have seen in the Light

Easter Sunday: They hoped they could move the Stone but what they Found was so much Greater!

Monday: Are we Living like Easter Saturday Believers in an Easter Sunday World?

More Resources and thoughts 

A creative approach to prayer for Palm Sunday which is suitable for all ages: Hosanna Prayers: A Creative Prayer approach for Palm Sunday

Something I wrote during the Covid-19 pandemic: Hosanna is the word you might be looking for in these troubling times

As we look at these events in Jesus’ life I hope and pray that we will see more clearly who Jesus is and why he came.

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    Christians often call the week leading up to Easter Sunday, Holy week. So many things happened during that week that are amazing and inspiring but also confusing and odd. With these things in mind I have written a series of blog posts that can be used to help think through Holy week. I hope that you find them useful.


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