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The one about the brother and sister who forgot that they didn’t get on

Originally posted on Honest about my faith:
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead (or in my house), may be purely coincidental. Bothers and sisters don’t always get on, especially when there is a large age gap between them.…

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Do you love the church?

So, I was sat there feeling pretty miserable and then I heard the words: Do you love the church? This all happened a long time ago. Life was tough and things were not going well at the church I was … Continue reading

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Should churches be Spirit or Me centred communities?

Earlier this week I was at a conference where the inspirational Lynn Green (the Baptist Union General Secretary) asked us what a Spirit filled community of people looks like. If you are not a churchy person and you are wondering … Continue reading

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Who wants to talk to Dad?

I’m away at a conference and when I called home yesterday evening my wife said to my daughters ‘who wants to talk to dad?’ Both of them shouted MEEEEEEEE! It’s nice to be missed and nice to have people who … Continue reading

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God will make your paths straight but not necessarily mud free

My wife, girls and I were geocaching at the weekend and as we walked down the path in this picture it reminded me of these words. Trust in the Lord with all your heart    and lean not on your own … Continue reading

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Happy Adoption Day!!!

Today is a special day of celebration in our household. It is our daughter’s adoption day and each year we celebrate the day that she came to live with us. Adoption day involves a special home made hat that she … Continue reading

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They will never change!

They will never change! Have you ever said this about someone? Perhaps about someone who is difficult or who often behaves in a way that winds you up? Is it really right to say someone will never change? If you … Continue reading

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A special card that made me smile

We have been running a new project at Orchard Baptist this past week providing a free meal for the families of children who would have had a free meal if they were at school. We have had such amazing fun, but today … Continue reading

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Is Rev Green there?

A few times in the past few weeks, someone has phoned the church office and asked for Rev Green. They have all been sales people who want us to speak to us about phone or electricity provision and their out of … Continue reading

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What is Lent all about?

So, we have eaten our pancakes and now it is Lent but do we really understand what it is all about? We may know someone who is giving up chocolate for Lent but I’m fairly convinced that this sort of thing … Continue reading

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