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Who wants change? Who wants to change?

It’s new years eve and we are all partying, right! Actually, I’m not. I’m sitting outside my daughters bedroom door reminding them that they should be asleep. I thought I would pass the time between shh’s by writing a few … Continue reading

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First year in blogging

I’m taking a blogging holiday this week. If you are feeling deprived, you might enjoy this. The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House … Continue reading

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The Perfect Christmas Present

There once were some parents who wanted to buy their child the perfect Christmas present. In the end they decided to get a bike which was something that he really needed and because they cared, they put a huge amount of time and … Continue reading

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I wanted you to hear this important news first

The Shepherds were washing their socks by night (that’s how the carol goes right?) when a bright light appeared. The appearance of this bright light on a dark night must have been terrifying which is why it is no surprise … Continue reading

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Rage against the machine or the maker?

There is a scene in Fawlty Towers when Basil loses it with his car because it won’t start. He threatens it with a good thrashing before going to get a branch from a nearby tree and hitting it. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Ironically the attendance winners were all absent

The three winners names were all read out and they were congratulated for their 100% attendance but then it was realized that none of them were there. The irony of this was only softened by the fact that at least … Continue reading

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I’ve never thought about it like that before

At a recent service we asked people to create costumes and accessories to show the sort of things that they would give to someone going into dangerous territory. We had a fantastic time and the results were fairly (okay, very!!) hilarious. … Continue reading

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There’s good news and there’s bad news

One of the things we do in the services at Orchard is to hear examples of how God is at work in our everyday lives. I run (actually I walk) around with a radio microphone so we can people can … Continue reading

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I’ve lost Mary

Because we were talking about a nativity play I assumed ‘I’ve lost Mary’ was referring to the person playing Mary. What became clear as the conversation went on was that the other person was actually talking about someone called Mary who was … Continue reading

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Were Mary and Joseph disappointed with God?

Mary felt privileged, after all she was giving birth to the son on God. She had wondered what it would be like and how God would make the occasion special but going into labour where the animals were kept probably wasn’t … Continue reading

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