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The missing bears?

Colchester Zoo has some Sun Bears and they are fantastic animals to watch. They used to be in an enclosure near the entrance and we always used to go and see them first when we went to the Zoo. In March this … Continue reading

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My daughter gave her heart away but she wants it back

So I picked my daughter up from Brownies and as we left, another Brownie said to my her ‘I’ll bring it back next week’. I asked my daughter what it was she had given to her friend and she said … Continue reading

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Staff worship or God worship?

I have a friend who works for a Christian organisation and yesterday she sent me a message with a link to a video that they had used in their ‘staff worship’. I struck me how odd the phrase ‘staff worship’ is, … Continue reading

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Tiredness and finding strength in God

I don’t know if it’s to do with the time of the year or some other reason, but lots of people who I know feel really tired. I know several people who are dreading Christmas and all the preparation it can … Continue reading

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The lost pump is now found

So, we bought an Airpot (see picture) for our toddler group at the church. We were short on helpers and we realized that if we bought and filled this with hot water that it would save a helper having to make … Continue reading

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100 cats, an orangutan or a dolphin?

We asked the children at church yesterday morning what they would choose if they could have anything they wanted and these were three of their suggestions. We also thought about Mary who used a jar of expensive perfume to anoint … Continue reading

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Moving past negative experiences

Driving to the hospital with a very ill child is not how anyone wants to spend a Friday evening. By 10pm I was carrying my very sleepy daughter into Asda to collect a prescription. Cow pyjamas and pink dressing gown … Continue reading

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Christian Youth Work Awards 2014

I am privileged to be a trustee with this amazing charity.

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What do training courses and trips to the dentist have in common?

Today I am attending a trustee training course. I have to be honest, there are lots of things I would rather be doing than sitting in a training session on a Saturday morning. Apparently trustees ‘have overall control of a … Continue reading

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Creating a creative corner and feeling God’s pleasure

My daughter has been really tired for a few weeks now and we have been worried about her. We have taken her to the doctors and had a discussion with the school to see if we can find out what … Continue reading

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