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Are we too busy for what really matters?

This is a blog about those moments when we have too much to do. It’s a reflection on what opportunities and blessings we may miss out on when we run around like headless chickens. I’m having a busy time this … Continue reading

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Are you hungry?

Yesterday I spoke to the the University of Essex Christian Union. They asked me to talk about the part of the Bible where Jesus says ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. … Continue reading

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Do you remember me?

So, I was in Harwich. I had never been there before which made it really strange that a girl came up to me in the street and said ‘do you remember me?’ Apparently, she had been in one of the … Continue reading

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No road markings?

What is wrong with this picture? The road markings had been repainted after resurfacing work but the sign still hadn’t been moved. Road markings are really helpful because they tell you where you can drive and where other traffic might … Continue reading

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What do wrestling and prayer have in common?

What is prayer? Epaphras is described as ‘always wrestling in prayer’ (Colossians 4.12). Stop and think about that for a minute. How many of us would naturally think of wrestling to describe what prayer can be like? What does it … Continue reading

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You are not a salmon

The salmon spends its life relentlessly trying to get upstream, with ceaseless endeavour it fights the currents of massive rivers, drags itself over rocks and shallow water, forces its way up huge waterfalls. never stops, never rests just battles and … Continue reading

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I’ve got the power but what will I do with it?

We have just had solar panels installed at the church building. Immediately after installation they were generating electricity even though it was cloudy and at 5.30pm it was beginning to go dark. The panels are great whenever the sun is out but when they are … Continue reading

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Prayer Wednesdays

Do you find prayer meetings a struggle? Recently we felt at Orchard that prayer was an area that we wanted to grow in. Prayer in our services is great but most people don’t come to prayer meetings and I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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It’s not fair

‘It’s not fair’ is the cry of every child at some point in the journey towards adult life. The words can be followed with ‘he’s got more than me’ or ‘why has she got a pony and I have not?’. As … Continue reading

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I’ve been under pressure for a few weeks. My wife has been unwell and I’ve had to take time off work and there have been other things going on. I am blessed by a really supportive leadership team at the … Continue reading

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