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The leaning tower of Caerphilly

Look at this picture of Caerphilly Castle. Can you spot the odd tower out? The south-east tower is leaning at a 10 degree angle and there is some debate as to whether this is due to subsidence or damage caused … Continue reading

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I read it on the internet, it must be true

The shocking headline: ICE BUCKET FRAUD: ALS FOUNDATION ADMITS THAT 73% OF DONATIONS ARE NOT USED FOR ALS RESEARCH You can read the article here. It’s on the internet, so it must be true, right? Strangely enough the headline is … Continue reading

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Squeezing God into our schedule?

I received a really encouraging message yesterday, I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying reading your blog/thought for the day on Facebook. It’s very thought provoking and often challenging. I read it whilst I’m having my breakfast. it … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about the Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you taken the ice bucket challenge? According to the Independent, this internet sensation has raised £48 million in less than a month with 1.7 million people donating. The Ice Bucket Challenge is really encouraging for a number of reasons. … Continue reading

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Nothing happened?

‘On this site Sept 5, 1782 nothing happened’. A friend of mine found this written on a plaque in Berkeley Square in London. I did a quick Google search to try to find out the story behind the sign and it … Continue reading

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It’s not all about me!

It’s Sunday and lots of people will be going to church. Have you ever left feeling disappointed because the service wasn’t just right for you? We all will feel this way sometimes and this is okay because church isn’t for just you. … Continue reading

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The one about stressful phone calls

Don’t you love calling customer care help lines? Yes I am being sarcastic! You get greeted with the options; press 1 for billing, 2 for help with setup etc. Don’t you wish there was a press 3 for ‘I’m really … Continue reading

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Have you ever left a tap running and come back later to a wet floor or even worse, to water coming through a ceiling? Overflowing is inevitable when the water flowing into a container is greater than the capacity of the … Continue reading

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Life is like a game of Jenga

Have you played Jenga? You start with a tower of bricks and then players take it in turns to remove a brick and place it on the top of the pile. The tower starts off very stable and ends up … Continue reading

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The one about the wedding

Last Saturday my wife, girls and I went to a wonderful wedding where we sat next to some friends at the reception. As we shared in the feast together our friends confessed that they were late additions to the guest list. They … Continue reading

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