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Do you ever lie to God? Is your hope really in him?

Last Sunday we were singing the excellent song ‘Christ in me’ in church. As I sung the line ‘my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness’ I wondered if I had just lied to God? I knew … Continue reading

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Love Prettygate

Last Sunday afternoon I went to the Church on the Field event which is part of the Love Prettygate initiative. The three Churches in the Prettygate area of Colchester have been working together culminating in this fantastic event. I want to … Continue reading

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The least qualified person to lead

Have you seen the Lego Movie? The Lego world is falling apart but the prophecy has come true and the promised ‘special’ has arrived to restore things to the way that they should be. Emmet (the person in the centre of … Continue reading

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It’s Good to Pray

My wife is amazing and yesterday she came up with this craft for her Sunday School class. It was a reminder that we can talk to God anytime and also it gives examples of the sort of things that we … Continue reading

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I don’t understand why people go to Comic-Con

Have you heard of Comic-Con? I love lots of the shows and films that the event celebrates but I would never dream of going. What motivates 130,000+ people to attend? To be honest, I just don’t get it. There is the expense of … Continue reading

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The one about Geocaching

We have recently started geocaching and we are enjoying it. Geocaching is modern treasure hunting using GPS where you head to a set of coordinates and try to find the cache hidden at that location (find out more at … Continue reading

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Are you worried about your size so much that you stand on tiptoes in a picture? Now that Nicolas isn’t president does that mean that he tries to look even taller? Are you secure in who you are? How do … Continue reading

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Which picture best describes your relationship with God?

Which of these pictures best describes your relationship with God today? I use this picture in church services and other meetings. First I give people time to think about it and then those who want to can share their thoughts. People … Continue reading

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Just in time

At toddlers yesterday we were short of helpers and I needed to drive my son to a course he is doing leaving even less responsible adults helpers. When I got back Brian was there, he had dropped some things off … Continue reading

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Pictures that help us to understand what being in Christ means?

The Bible talks about us being ‘In Christ’ but what does that mean? Here are some pictures that help me to think about what being ‘In Christ’ is all about. If you are in space without a spacesuit then you are … Continue reading

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